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Zoo (Tierpark) Hagenbeck

This green isle always invites to a trip. Whatever weather conditions may be, it stays a favored spot for singles, couples or families with children – it is fun for everybody. Panoramas and outdoor enclosures are world famous. About 1.850 animals from all over the world live here.
Miniatur Wunderland

Mini Wonderland

More than 5 millions of visitors have seen this world biggest model railway yet. On an area of 1.150 m² the constructers installed 12km long rail net and the net still increases. Visitors are fascinated from 850 trains with more than 11.000 wagons travelling through landscapes rebuilt from Germany, Austria, the USA and other countries.
Hafen Rundfahrten

Port – Sightseeing

On a boat trip through the port of Hamburg you get a deep impression how big vessels are if you get close to them. The kids dream about the ports of destination and becoming a captain once a time. Port of Hamburg offers a great show on the water.



Within more than 80 years the Hamburg planetarium became one of the most modern ones of the world with high Tec equipment for great events: Stars for kids. Star theatre or –concerts. Pop stars with rock-, pop-, chill-out- music with impressing light shows are just a few of many deeply impressing shows you can see there.

Fish market

Founded in 1703 this market became a “must-see” for any Hamburg visitor. It is not only fish you can get there, the product range includes fruits and vegetables as well as meat and sausages as well as gifts, plants, decoration and more. It only opens on Sunday mornings. 5:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. from April to October and 7:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. from November to March.

Theatre and concerts

Neue Flora

Musical house “Neue Flora”

Here you find the biggest musical stage of Hamburg. In 1990 this theatre had its opening show with “Phantom of the opera” and with its 2.000 seats in became famous also far away from Hamburg. For musical fans it is a real hot spot.


The “Schauspielhaus” is a theatre with long and great history. Starting with “Iphigenia on Tauris” from GOETHE at 15th of September 1900 it now runs its 106th season of life theatre shows.
Thalia Theater

Thalia Theater

One of three Hamburg state theatres is the THALIA. It is a speaking actor’s stage with about 1.000 seats in front of the big stage at the Alstertor. The fix employed ensemble became very famous already. The program contains about 20 productions taking turns day- ore block wise. Every playing season you can watch about nine opening shows at the big stage and further about six at the THALIA in the Gaußstrasse.

State Opera House

With Simone Young (General Music Director) and John Neumeier (Ballet Director and Chief of Choreography) two artists with international references take care for the leadership of the Hamburg State Opera House and its productions.


With about 400.000 people visiting this concert house every year in the center of Hamburg it is one of the greatest cultural spots in the town. Here you can enjoy mainly concerts of classic music but jazz and pop music you find in the program also.



ABATON at Allendeplatz

Close to your apartment you find this cinema with its various shows. Also in case you are looking for a special movie you will find it here in the program.
Holi Kino / Cinemaxx Dammtor

Cinemaxx at Dammtor Station

Close to your apartment you find this cinema with its various shows. Also in case you are looking for a special movie you will find it here in the program.


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